Boost your savings power.

Saving for your retirement or to help manage health care costs? Looking for personal savings products that will earn a higher rate of interest? Whether it’s a CD, IRA, HSA, Certificate of Deposit, Individual Retirement Account, Health Savings Account, or another savings product, Sawyer Savings will help you make the right choice.

Certificates of Deposit

  • $500 minimum balance to open, penalties may be imposed for withdrawals before maturity
  • Monthly interest can be accrued in the account, transferred to your Sawyer Savings Bank account or mailed to you by check

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • Traditional IRA’s
  • ROTH IRA’s
  • Contact us for more information on which type of account is right for you

Health Savings Accounts

  • HSA’s are offered to help you meet the needs of your health care costs if you participate in a high deductible plan


These CD rates are available to Sawyer Savings Bank retail customers.