March 11, 2020

Dear Valued Customers & Community Members,

As we continue to see the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the United States, and our area, I’d like to let you know some of the actions Sawyer Savings Bank is taking to address this issue. Our first priority is to ensure our staff remains healthy in order to continue to serve the needs of our customers and communities.

To that end, we have been following the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as those of state and local health departments. We’ve stepped up our cleaning protocols and are disinfecting surfaces on a daily basis. We have educated our employees on practices designed to help stop the spread of germs, as well as educating them on the symptoms of the COVID -19 virus. Our employees are encouraged to stay home and seek medical attention, should they display any of these symptoms.

We have plans in place which will enable us to continue to serve you should this virus become more widespread. To that end, we ask for your participation in following the same guidelines designed to keep our communities healthy. Please visit the CDC website at www.cdc.gov/COVID19 for complete information on steps to take to protect yourself and loved ones.

There are numerous ways you can access your accounts remotely at any time. If you already use our services such as online or mobile banking, you will understand their value. If not, this may be a good time to consider speaking to a Branch Associate on how our electronic services can work for you.

If the short history known on this virus outbreak repeats itself, we will see the number of reported cases spread quickly. There are many sources putting out information every day, and the number of those are quickly growing as well. Unfortunately, there will be scammers trying to take advantage of the current situation. Please limit your sources to those known to be trustworthy. You can learn more about scams and how to prevent them by visiting the Federal Trade Commissions’ website at www.ftc.gov.

Sawyer Savings Bank will continue to be diligent in monitoring this event each day. Please continue to bank with confidence, knowing that we are here to protect your interests, to serve your needs and to support our communities.

Douglas P. Sturges
President, Sawyer Savings Bank