James Whitaker, President
James Whitaker, President & Interim CEO

Since its founding in 1871, Sawyer Savings Bank has continued to successfully navigate the ever-changing financial landscape.

In 2023, that focus remained true for our Bank and customers. From innovative technologies that elevate your banking experience to fortifying security measures, and crafting tailor-made solutions, our singular mission remains, we are experience worth banking on.

The Banking Industry witnessed historical changes throughout 2023 as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates an additional four times in an attempt to curb inflation. We were able to adjust our financial service offerings and educate our customers how higher interest rates would affect their finances. Regardless of the uncertainty that came in 2023, Sawyer Savings Bank and the United States banking industry remained strong and robust.

While there may be obstacles ahead, we are confident that we can adapt to changes within the banking industry, whether sudden or gradual. Through careful risk management, investing in strong portfolios, taking prompt corrective actions, and adhering to regulations, Sawyer Savings Bank has adapted to overcome all challenges and continues to thrive, just as it has for the last 152 years.

Building Relationships through Focused Banking.

One of our key banking philosophies is to build relationships with our customers so we can provide a personalized customer service experience. Each time we interact with our customers is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their financial needs. We do not simply take a one-size-fits-all banking approach. Instead, we invest the time needed to create a strategic and integrated plan for their financial goals.

Strength and Experience of our Team.

Our notable commitment to serving our customers and communities is sustained by our resolute team. We are extremely fortunate to have a highly committed team of bankers.

Let’s celebrate some team members’ accomplishments in 2023:

  • Jenn Gutheil-Denier- Promoted to Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Experience Officer
  • Jennifer Cameron – Promoted to Vice President, Lending
  • Amy Ferraro – Promoted to Assistant Vice President, Regional Customer Relationship Manager
  • Jacqueline Sloane – Promoted to Branch Manager, Saugerties
  • Nicole Lowrey – Promoted to Loan Servicing Manager

Joining us this year:

  • Penny Wilson, Branch Manager, Marlboro
  • Jennifer Musci, Lending Originator

Focus and Experience of Legacy.

Sawyer Savings Bank has been an independent community bank for more than 152 years. We are proud of our strong financial foundation, a tradition of exceptional customer service, and a legacy of community involvement and support. We keep our focus local and on what the people, businesses, and organizations around us need to enrich our community.

On behalf of myself, our Board of Trustees, and all of us working to make Sawyer Savings Bank the best it can be, we thank you for your continued support.

Respectfully submitted,

James Whitaker
President and Interim CEO