Effective: November 19, 2020

Account Closing (within first 90 days): $20.00

Account Statements:
Additional Copy of Statement (per month): $7.00
Interim Account Statement: $5.00

Account to Account Transfer (online transfer made to another institution): $2.00
Balancing Checking Account (per hour): $20.00
Business Accounts – 2 Signatures Required on Checks (monthly charge): $25.00
Check Images Returned in Statement (charged monthly): $15.00
Closing/Transferring of IRA Account: $15.00
Court Ordered Levies: $100.00
Empty ATM Envelope Deposit: $20.00
Fax (send/receive): $10.00
Foreign Check Collection: $30.00
Foreign ATM Fee: $2.00
Gift Cards: $3.50
Lost Passbook: $10.00
Money Orders & Official Bank Checks: $5.00
Notary Service (per item): $2.00


Overdraft/Insufficient (NSF) Fees (max of 5 fees daily)
Paid Overdraft Fee*: $30.00
Returned Overdraft Fee*: $30.00

Over-the-Counter Check (per item): $2.00

Photo Copies
Paid Sawyer Item (Bank Check/Money Order): $5.00
Check Copies for Deposited Items (per page): $2.00

Platinum Money Market Early close Out: $250.00
Protest Sawyer Check: $30.00
Remote Deposit Capture – 1st of each month: $10.00
Replace ATM/Debit Card: $15.00
Research Time/Hour: $25.00
Returned Deposited Item: $10.00
Safe Deposit Box Lost Key**: $35.00
Safe Deposit Boxes Drill**: $250.00
Statements Returned for Wrong Address: $5.00
Statement Savings Account Balance Falls Below $100 (monthly charge): $2.00
Stop Payment (per check, ACH, and On-Line Banking Items): $30.00
Stop Payment (Range of Items): $35.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing/Incoming (Domestic): $30.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing/Incoming (International): $40.00

*This fee is imposed for overdrafts created by checks, in-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals or by other electronic means, as applicable. Includes items paid, returned, ACH items for checking and savings accounts per item

**Note: FDIC Insurance does not apply to Safe Deposit Boxes.

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