“We adapted to a constantly changing environment and as a result we overhauled our processes and implemented new technologies to better serve our customers.”

James Whitaker, President
James Whitaker, President


Since opening its doors 150 years ago, Sawyer Savings Bank has helped its customers through several challenging times throughout America’s history. 2021 was no different. We humbly worked with clients who had lost their primary source of income by providing loan deferrals until their finances were in better order. We helped small businesses apply and receive loans through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). With PPP loans small businesses were able to continue operating while keeping their employees on payroll. We then worked diligently with those customers to get their PPP Loans forgiven and, as of right now, 100% of those companies that applied with us and had repayment scheduled to start in 2021, have received full forgiveness.

In 2021, we evolved how we operated as a community bank and communicate with our customers. We adapted to a constantly changing environment and as a result we overhauled our processes and implemented new technologies to better serve our customers.

We have:

  • Streamlined our transaction processes. We have reduced the number of steps required to complete a transaction and decreased processing times to save time for both our customers and staff.
  • Implemented a new line of communication within our accounts that allows us to see what products and services a customer might not be taking full advantage of, giving us the opportunity to help customers become more aware of the full breadth of financial services we offer. This also allows  us to anticipate the needs of customers as their lives change from buying their first home to opening their own business and eventually retiring. This new system is to better serve our customers and improve their banking experience.
  • Utilized technology like DocuSign to expedite the loan closing process.
  • Improved customers’ mobile experience. Just as the internet has become a major part of our lives, so have mobile devices. Customers expect and need to conduct their banking through mobile devices 24/7. We focused on making both our personal and business customers’ accounts more accessible and to be able to conduct transactions through their phones and tablets.
  • Online Mortgage Center – Offering our customers the ability to obtain a pre-qualification letter 24/7 to be able to work with their Realtor to find a new home or even apply for a mortgage via a guided application all on-line.
  • Conducted energy audits of our buildings. We strive to make our branches more environmentally friendly to reduce our carbon footprint and improve the lives of our surrounding community for generations to come. Developed a line of green initiative products to assist customers with environmentally-friendly products and projects. This could include loans to purchase solar panels, heat pumps, and energyefficient appliances, equipment, and/or windows.

I would like to thank the team at Sawyer Savings Bank for remaining resilient as we created new systems and adopted new processes and technologies. I would also like to thank Annette Murphy and Jim Alberts for their service and dedication to Sawyer Savings Bank. I wish them well in their retirement.

We have implemented all of these new advancements and procedures in order to better serve you. We look forward to
what the future will bring and how we will adapt to meet those challenges. It’s continuing the commitment we made to you,
our customers, and our employees for over 150 years


Respectfully submitted,

James Whitaker