Retirements and Promotions at Sawyer Savings Bank

We want to extend our congratulations to Gabriel F. Sottile and Cynthia L. Saporito on their retirements from Sawyer Savings Bank, effective December 31, 2020.

Mr. Sottile has retired as the Chief Operating Officer and will remain Chairman of the Board of trustees.  Gabe was elected to the board of trustees In 1999.  He joined the bank in 1978 serving in several capacities, including Internal Auditor, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, before his election to President in 1998.

Mrs. Saporito has retired as Senior Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer at Sawyer Savings Bank. Cindy began her employment with Sawyer Savings Bank in 1986. During her career she has held numerous positions, including Internal Auditor, Mortgage Officer, Compliance Officer, and Marketing Officer. She also was the first female to gain an executive position. She was named to the Board of Trustees in January 2019.

In addition to the well-deserved retirements, Sawyer Savings Bank has also announced several promotions effective January 1, 2020.

James P. Whitaker has been elected as President. Whitaker also retains the position of Chief Information Security Officer (C.I.S.O). Whitaker has been with Sawyer Savings Bank since 2000 and previously held the position of Executive Vice-President and IT Officer.

Brian C. Fay has been elected as Sr. Vice-President, Finance/ IT and Chief Financial Officer. Fay has been with Sawyer Savings Bank since 2019.

Christen R. Padilla has been promoted to the position of Assistant Vice-President of Residential Lending and Loan Servicing. Padilla has been with Sawyer Savings Bank since 2008 and has previously held the positions of Assistant Vice-President- Finance and IT.

Finally, we congratulate Ernest Schirmer, who in addition to his duties as an IT Specialist and Facilities Manager, will take on the role of the Banks Security Officer.