Looking to improve your home,
be eco-conscious, and save money overall?

Unlock your Home’s Equity with our new Eco-LOC!

Our Eco-LOC is a Home Equity Line of Credit that can be used for select energy efficient and environmentally friendly appliances and products in order to improve the property, and the planet! With a quick turnaround time and covered closing costs, why wait.

You can use the Eco Line of Credit for:

  • Energy Efficient Rated Appliances
  • Attic Insulation Projects
  • Basement Insulation Projects
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Heat Pumps
  • Insulated Doors
  • Geothermal Heating
  • Solar Panels

Unlock your home’s equity and make environmental improvements with our Eco-LOC, today.


Home Equity Line of Credit
Home Equity Line of Credit- Credit with Intro Rate Into Rate




Payment per $1,000

$1.63 ( 2 year interest only)

Max Term

24 months (interest only)

Home Equity Line of Credit- Current Rate after intro period Current Rate

5 Yr TBill + 3% (Currently 4.79% as of 3/7/2022)

4.942% $7.80 180 months (principal and Interest)


*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. APR based on a loan amount of $100,000.00. Rate caps are lifetime caps. Variable rates may be increased after consummation. Bank may pay up to $0-$1000 in closing costs. The introductory is fixed for 24 billing cycles. After 24 months is based on 10-year treasury note plus 3%, the current rate as of 3/7/2022 is 4.79% and maximum APR of 19.99%. Fixed rate repayment for the final 15 years. Certain restrictions apply. Must meet qualification guidelines. Homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance (if applicable) required. Payments do not include Real Estate Taxes and Insurance. The actual payment may be greater. Consult your tax advisor regarding interest deductibility. Rate, terms, & conditions are limited time offer that can change at any time and are effective as of 3/7/2022. Recapture Fee: If the account is paid off and closed within 36 months of the Note Date, the Bank will recapture the bona fide third-party charges which generally range from $0 to $1000 that are paid by the lender in connection with the transaction. This is not a repayment penalty.