Steps to Home Ownership- #7: Property Inspection

It is HIGHLY recommended that you have a home inspection conducted by a licensed property inspector BEFORE signing the contract. The property inspector can perform additional tests that may be required such as water, septic, and radon tests. Feel free to contact Sawyer Savings, your realtor, or your attorney to ask for names of property inspectors.

The cost of an inspection is normally $500 or more. An inspection usually takes two to three hours which you should be present for. The inspector will often speak with you firsthand about their findings and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions. The inspector will look at the exterior of the home including walls, foundation, grading, garage, and roof. They will also inspect the interior to include the plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning, water heater, appliances, fire safety, and bathrooms. A good inspector will also discuss and include in the report information about routine maintenance.

It should be noted that a home inspection is not a guarantee that the home will not have issues after the closing. A home inspection is for informational purposes:

  • Overall condition of the house and surrounding property
  • Overall condition of the home appliances
  • Educating a potential home buyer about the home and how it operates (sewer vs. well water, electric vs. gas appliances, etc.)
  • Potential issues or possible repairs

After your report is received, forward a copy to your attorney. Both you and your attorney should review the inspection report thoroughly and set up a time to discuss any potential issues. Finally, you paid for and own the inspection report and you are not obligated to provide the full report to the buyer, buyer’s attorney, or buyer’s realtor.