Supporting Customers’ Favorite Local Non-Profit Organization

Sawyer Savings. 150 Years. 1871-2021.Sawyer Savings bank recognizes the hard work and incredible impact local non-profit organizations have on communities. It takes a village to help those in need, and Sawyer Savings Bank is proud to join others in making an impact.

Sawyer Savings Bank recognizes and appreciates local nonprofit organizations’ hard work to continually improve our communities. Over the last 150 years we have been your financial institution and we have consistently given back to the communities we serve. The Board of Trustees oversees the Sawyer Savings Community Giving Program which has an annual budget that is designed to target areas that have the potential to make the greatest positive impact within the communities in which we serve.

We’re excited to announce in recognition of our 150th Anniversary Celebration, Sawyer Savings Bank will proudly distribute amounts that will total $150,000 to our customers’ favorite local non-profit organizations throughout 2021!

Sawyer Savings Bank President James Whitaker says, “We are extremely proud of the Sawyer Savings Community Giving Program because of how many organizations we have been able to collaborate with while helping those in need. I think it is a thoughtful way to celebrate our milestone anniversary by giving back to the communities we serve. We wouldn’t be able to celebrate our 150th anniversary without the continued support of the surrounding communities and we wanted to thank them through this program.”

We sought the public’s input for their favorite local nonprofit organizations that they think makes a difference to our community, and we’ll be highlighting winners shortly. Stay tuned!