Steps to Home Ownership- #12: Close on Your New Home!

Congratulations, all your hard work has paid off!  The closing is a huge milestone in purchasing your home and if all the documentation has been completed correctly, the closing should almost be a formality.  You should expect the closing to take 1-1.5 hours.

The people that may be present at the closing are:

  • Buyers with their attorney
  • Sellers with their attorney
  • Realtors for either side (optional)
  • Title Insurance agent (optional)
  • Mortgage agent (optional)

Those listed as optional may or may not be present at the closing depending on the paperwork and everyone’s schedule. Don’t be surprised if only you, your attorney, and the seller’s attorney is present, but everyone listed above may still attend.

Prior to the closing your attorney will communicate the checks you will be signing:

  • Your attorney fees
  • Recording fees
  • Remaining down payment
  • Utilities costs
  • Transfer Taxes

During the closing, your attorney will guide you through all the paperwork you are required to sign. There will be several documents to sign by both the seller and the buyer. Once all the documents have been recorded and all the payments have been submitted, you are now a new homeowner!

Please remember that Sawyer Savings is here for you THROUGHOUT your mortgage experience. We’re here to answer your questions before, during, and after your closing. We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing you and your financial needs now and in the future.